Discovering yourself in business

For many the prospect of starting their own business is an exciting idea. We spend hours envisioning the idea and brainstorming who our target audience is, where we should operate from or what our core product offering is. These are valuable and essential aspects to ponder when we want to start a business. However, we may be leaving out the most essential question of them all.

Who am I? This question is often a struggle to answer, or is easily avoided. You may be thinking, what on earth does this have to do with business? I believe that this may be the most important question we need to answer before we aim to start anything, especially business. I make this claim because I believe that we will always create from a place of who we are.

The unavoidable fact is that one can never separate the entrepreneur from the business venture. This does not only refer to the work done by the entrepreneur in the business, but the entrepreneur themselves. If as an individual we are battling psychological issues, it will inevitably flow over into our relationships, work, and ability to create.

What I am proposing is that as an entrepreneur, your wellbeing – be it physically, mentally, or emotionally is very important. If you want your business to be successful, it means that you need to not only look after the interests of the business, but also your own. Your wellbeing flows over into the wellbeing of the business. The world of entrepreneurship is often filled with disappointment and failure and an insufficient knowledge and understanding who you are, could result in self-beating.

Make it a point to learn and know who you are. As you spend time in working out new strategies for business. Also spend time learning what upsets you, what excites you, or what challenges you. Grow in the things that trip you up, and nurture the things that bring you joy. Look after the business, by looking after yourself.

By: Kenan Barends Business Development Coordinator LabitSA